All Trucks in our fleet are custom built for moving, with hardwood floors, ramps and are kept in excellent mechanical condition. All Trucks equipped with moving pads, tools, dollies and packing tape that provided to our customers free of charge.

Local moves are priced by an hourly rate, we only charge you from the moment we load your first item on the truck till the last item on the truck. *A one hour traveling time is also added at the end of your move which covers the gas, mileage and insurance charges. All our moves are subject to ACTUAL HOURS plus  one hour *traveling charge unless stated otherwise.
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more pads safer
easier to pack the truck
easier to controll when boxes are the same size
all lose items kept together
items disassembled prior to the move
Covering all carpeted  stairs and rooms
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A family owned & operators moving company & proud A+ members of Better Business Bureau
serving province of Ontario
and east cost Canada. Our family
has been helping clients relocate
in Ontario with the best possible
service at a reasonable rate. 

Choosing Your Movers:

When choosing your movers you need to be thinking of whom you are going
to hire to accomplish this task or if you are going to try and move yourself.

Obviously, ideally you would like to hire someone else to take care of this for you, but many of us cannot afford the luxury or there are those of us who just don't trust anyone else with our belongings.

Although, financially speaking, you may think that moving yourself is in your best interest, you really must weigh your time, the gas for the vehicle, the rental of the vehicle, the mileage on the car, and the loading and unloading, versus the amount paid for someone else to do it with the same care and attention.